Say Hello To Qizai, The One And Only Brown Panda in the World

Pandas, also known as black and white bears, are a truly amazing specie. Pandas are loved by everyone as they are very fluffy, eccentric, and fun. China is still the home of these species. The most distinguishing trait of these creatures is their black-and-white coloration. Panda Bears are considered to be among the species that are under risk of extinction. Pandas are mammals, which implies they have fur, are warm-blooded, nurse their young with milk, and have fur.

They are a member of the bear species, but because pandas are so distinct from other bear species, experts debated for a very long time whether they were bears or not. Ultimately, recent research has proven that pandas are actually bears.

Qizai, a young panda living n Qinglin Mountains in Central China, was discovered sick and neglected . The reason for the matter is his distinctive fur coat, and no panda would identify him as one of their kind. His parents were normal-colored Pandas, and the experts do believe that this is a genetic mutation. The Panda is now 10 years old and living happily in the Flopping Panda Valley.

Anyway, Qizai is now happy and healthy in his new place. Qizai is looked after by a personal caretaker who organizes his life around the feeding schedule so that he awakens around 6 a.m. and sleeps at midnight. This adorable panda now weighs over 220 pounds and consumes over 44 pounds of bamboo every day.

‘He is slower than the other pandas, but he is also sweeter,’ said Qizai’s keeper, who described the bear as ‘kind, amusing, and charming.’ 

Scroll down and go through to learn more about him and see some of his gorgeous images. 

More info & Photo courtesy: Flopping Panda Valley

This poor boy was abandoned by his mother when he was two months old and was bullied by other pandas as he grew up.

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