An Incredible Yellow Penguin Captured By A Photographer

This is just another magnificent occasion in which Nature demonstrates its creative ability. With its creative surprises spanning billions of years, here is a never-before-seen event that a wildlife photographer was fortunate enough to record. Yves Adams is a lucky photographer since he captured some gorgeous images of mother nature. Never-before-seen incident captured by a wildlife photographer, with creative shocks spanning billions of years.

More Information & Image Credits : Yves Adams

Yves Adams, a photographer and adventure leader, was the wildlife photographer. On one of his travels in the Southern Atlantic, he came found a strange creature: a ‘Yellow Penguin!’

This encounter astounded the Belgian photographer, who was able to capture decent images of the animal. There were roughly 100,000 other penguins in the colony, but this was the lone Yellow penguin.

When Yves arrived, he investigated the bizarre sighting and discovered that it was caused by a rare pigment mutation. It is known as ‘Leucism,’ because it is extremely rare, occurring in approximately 1 in 20,000 to 14,000 animals. This is the first time a ‘Yellow penguin’ has been captured on its entirety.

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